Xzile Gel Soles

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Gel –Cush Pads are moulded from a revolutionary Polymer Gel that flows like a liquid. The liquidity of the gel contributes to its elasticity which restores some of the energy expended by the body with each step. The elasticity has a secondary cushioning effect, which reduces stress to the feet during exercise.
The Gel-Cush Pad is shaped to provide arch support, also it is made with a tapered lower profile at the toes for an improved fit. The pad has been tailor made to conform anatomically to the human sole to help reduce fatigue and injury. It provides a more comfortable walking and exercise experience.
The orange coloured gel inserts at the hallux (big toe), phalange (upper mid foot) and heel areas provides additional cushion and support to relieve pressure points and pain at the most sensitive of the foot.
The Gel-Cush Pads are made entirely of Polymer Gel, which has activated antimicrobial agents to help eliminate odours. The insoles can be hand washed and air dried.
Available in 6 – 8UK only.