Apacs Blend Pro-Power Plus

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A totally unique racket, one side of the racket painted in metallic blue and the other in metallic red.  But, it’s not only the paintwork of the racket that is different.   Side one of the head offers a slim box surface providing a solid feel and maximum frame stability.  Side two has a high-speed head profile with low air resistance and increased swing speed.  Amazing technology to help improve your game.

  • Frame Material: 30T Japan H.M. Graphite
  • Shaft Material: 50T Japan H.M. Graphite
  • Frame Type: High Speed Slim Box
  • Grommet System: 76 Holes
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.8mm Slim Shaft
  • Weight: 88g +/- 1g. (3U)
  • BCP: 295 +/- 2mm (Slightly Head Heavy)
  • Flex: 8.5 (Medium)
  • Grip: G4
  • Length: 675mm
  • Max Tension: 38lbs