Apacs Virtuoso Pro 70 - 10 Metre Set

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More Aggression, more Power, more Accurate, more Control and more Speed with APACS Virtuoso Pro string!
Formulate with Dipping Resin Coating and Quad Core Fibre Wraps to meet the ultimate playability and performance requirements.
In addition, Virtuoso Pro 70 strings can be strung at unusually high tensions 35lbs, while its braided surfaces provide superior control. The result is exceptional playability and the crisp sound that badminton players want to hear. Manufactured in Japan.

Process: Dipping Resin Coating
Material: Nylon Multi Filament
Construction: Special Braided Structure
Gauge: 0.70mm
Length: 10 Metre
Color: White, Yellow & Sky Blue
Super Durability
Hard Feel