Yehlex Unisex Polo Shirt - Cool Plus

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CoolPlus fabric removes moisture away from the skin and transfers it through to the surface. That is the short definition of a moisture management system. How does this happen? Capillary phenomenon quickly transfers moisture to a very large area through multiple channels (four channels). It creates a large evaporation area, which makes fabric dry much faster. This is also referred as “wicking”.

Moisture management: CoolPlus has 12% - 74% higher diffusion ability and 11% - 47% higher drying effect than that of cotton.

Breathability: CoolPlus fiber does not swell after absorbing moisture. It transfers the moisture to outer fabric hence its high breathability. Additionally, the micro-slits on the fibers prevent the fiber to stick to the wearer’s skin. It keeps the wearer cool crisp wearing comfortable. And the fabric itself is dry to the touch even when wet.