Keyluck Nylon Yellow Shuttles - medium

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KEYLUCK have for more than 3 decades specialized in the manufacture of high quality nylon shuttlecocks. KEYLUCK constantly endeavours to reach a higher goal and produce better quality synthetic shuttlecocks by upgrading its production technology.

KEYLUCK nylon shuttlecocks have excellent flight trajectory, quick impact recovery, precise speed control and extra long durability.

Keyluck nylon medium speed shuttlecocks with a yellow skirt, ideal for use in halls with white walls.

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Each tube contains 6 shuttles. Prices per dozen (2 tubes).

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1 - 5 dozen = £10.40 per dozen
6 - 10 dozen = £10.25 per dozen
11 - 25 dozen = £9.95 per dozen
26 dozen and over = £9.60 per dozen