Apacs Dual 100 - Silver Grey/Red/White

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A uniquely designed racket, one side can be used for attacking play and the other for defensive play.  One side of the racket has aero wide body construction which reduces air resistance and increases racket head speed.  The other flatten face side of the racket uses Armor Power technology to improve racket stability.  Factory strung in Apacs Virtuoso Pro 70 to 25lbs.  The technology is amazing and the price equally so.  Available in two alternative colours Metallic Blue/White/Red and Black/Red/White.

Frame Material: 30T Japan H.M. Graphite
Shaft Material: 24T Japan H.M. Graphite + Nano Technology

Frame Type: Dual Frame, Aero Wide + Armor Power 

Grommet System: 76 Holes
Shaft Diameter: 7.3mm

Weight: 82g +/- 2g. (5U)
BCP: 290 +/- 3mm (Even Balance)
Flex: 9.5 (Flexible)
Grip: G4
Length: 672mm
Max Tension: 38lbs