Apacs Blizzard Pro ZZ

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Zulfadli's Zulkiffli Signature Racket

The Blizzard ZZ is specially designed with the unique WPS (Weight Positioning System) grommets. The WPS grommets distribute extra weight to the top and sides of the racket head, which delivers exceptional power. In addition, the super slim shaft of the racket enables it to move through the air quicker and provides quicker reaction times. The combination of the Blizzard ZZ’s fast reaction time and increased smashing power means it has become the ultimate racket of choice for many top level players. Racket comes with a fantastic exclusive single racket cover.
Frame Material: 30T Japan High Modulus Graphite
Shaft Material: 40T Japan High Modulus Graphite + Graphite T-Throat
Frame Type: Quad Balance
Grommet System: 76 Holes
Shaft Diameter: 6.4mm
Weight: 88-90 g (3U)
BCP: 305+/-2mm (Head Heavy)
Flex: 8.5 (Medium)
Grip: G4
Length: 675 mm
Max Tension: 38 lbs