The last time we increased shuttlecock prices was in September 2016.  During the past three years we have suffered four manufacturing increases.  The price of raw materials continues to rise as there is still a major shortage goose feathers in China. 

Since March 2018 the pound has dropped in value against the U.S. Dollar by 14%.  Brexit and especially the “no deal” scenario could cause the pound drop in value even further during the coming months. 

We are no longer able to maintain current price levels for our range of shuttlecocks.  Indeed, it is only due to the amazing success of our Apacs rackets, clothing, footwear and accessories that we have managed to keep the increase in shuttlecock prices to between 5.1% and 6.8%.

All grades of our shuttlecocks are flight and speed tested twice during the manufacturing process.  After arrival in the UK our shuttlecocks are cold steamed with a special solution developed with our partners in China.  We believe that the cold steaming process increases the durability of our shuttlecocks.

We believe that Yehlex shuttlecocks are still excellent value for money and look forward to your continued support.