The remainder of our new season’s rackets arrived earlier this week. 

We have two new Yehlex rackets – YX99SL and YX555S.  The construction of the YX99SL is very similar to the YX88SL, our most popular racket from three years.  An evenly balanced racket weighing 84g +/- 2g with a medium flexible shaft it’s every player’s dream.  The second new Yehlex racket is the YX555S with a hexa-octagon frame and a 6.7mm diameter medium to flexible shaft.  It’s the power player’s ultimate racket.

In the Apacs brand, we have an amazing range of nine new carbon graphite models from the Z-Ziggler LHI Pro available in two fantastic colourways (Blue and Grey) at £90.00 to the Virtus 35 at £25.00.  Our coaching team and staff have voted the Stardom Pro as their favourite new Apacs racket.  Control, power and playability this racket has simply got everything.

At Yehlex and Apacs we have a racket to suit everyone’s budget and playing ability.